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October 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes we need to look at things differently. Real estate is evolving especially in how we market our listings. For example, social media is playing a huge roll now. 

Professional real estate photography is also evolving. We have mirrorless cameras which are smaller due to the removed mirror mechanism. We have cameras without an anti-alias filter for sharper images. Professional cameras and related equipment are becoming more and more sophisticated and complex. 

One area that is evolving at a fast pace for both real estate and real estate photography are elevated images - either taken by a pole, a helicopter/plane, a drone, or a boom lift. Personally, I've invested a 16' pole set up that is great for homes with pools, gardens or are set up high on a hill. You get a full shot of the house and yard without having to look at too much of the roof as you would in the other elevated options. Helicopters/planes and drones are great for when you want to get higher, showing the proximity to the ocean or lake/bay.
Here's are samples of various heights of the same property. They all have a different purpose and are important to showing the house and the land surrounding.

1st and 2nd images taken at ground level. 3rd image with a 16' pole showing the property surrounding the house. 4th image with a drone (with permission -

elevation comparisonselevation comparisons

For more examples on elevations, click here to visit my elevation page.

A Reminder on Drones and Commercial Usage:
Commercial Drone usage requires a Section 333 exemption. For more information on Drone rules, visit


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