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Spring 2015- First Impressiongs

June 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Tips & Tricks Spring 2015
First Impressions

The Importance of First Impressions

With technology moving along at an ever increasing pace, it's a wonder we actually read or take the time to really review anything online. Real estate searches fall into this category. A new app, Doorsteps, compares home searches to dating services. If you think about it, they are very similar. Doorstep's article, found here, points out how one quickly breezes through the photos and eliminates those that don't make a good first impression. The ones that do, get a more in-depth look to see if they might be worth pursuing. I would liken this to going on a first date, or a first showing in real estate. 

How you represent your properties online really does make a big impact on not only the quantity of buyers who may be interested, but the quality. These buyers are savvy, they're ready and they know what they are looking for (ok, maybe not all of them...).

Can you imagine if you went to a dating service and saw a potential match's photo that was taken with a cell phone, was dark, distorted and really didn't do the person justice? You'd move right on to the next one. Think of your listing photos in the same way. It really does pay to have professional photos taken for both you and the seller.

Home Staging 101: Sprucing Up the Exterior

Amy from Parker House Designs, has some easy and inexpensive ways to create great first impressions of your property for potential buyers. Click here to read her article.

Pole Elevated Photography & Helicopters
Coming Soon to Coastal Light Photography!

Within the next few weeks, I will be offering pole elevated photography. There will be a value added fee for these shots to cover production and post processing times. 

 I'll also be taking my first flight in a helicopter to capture area shots of the local harbors in the next couple of months. Images will be available to license for a flat fee either per property, or per year, for your listings. Prints for personal use will also be available for purchase. More to come! 

A Reminder on Drones and Commercial Usage:
Recent article from NAR stating, "The National Association of REALTORS® has instructed its members to not use drones nor hire photographers or videographers who use drones for capturing aerial images of listings until the FAA issues its final guidelines. Those who continue to use drones may be fined by the FAA."  
Read the full article here:…/faa-drone-rules-delayed-2017


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