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Tip – It’s all about the light. Learning to see where your light is coming from.

  1. If it is behind your subject, have them turn so they aren’t in shadows. Your camera will most likely meter for the light behind them making your subject very dark. You can also use your flash – even outdoors in the daytime. It’s called “fill flash” and photographers use it, along with other tools, to lighten subjects so they are not too dark.
  2. If it’s behind  you, you might get too much light on your subject resulting in squinty eyes and blown whites. Try moving them to a shaded area and out of direct sunlight. If it can’t be avoided, say you’re at the beach, then put the sun off to the side. Take a few shots but move your angle a bit. As you learn through trial and error (thank goodness for digital!), you’ll start to understand where to place your subject, and yourself, in those bright situations.
  3. Time of day. Mid-day is the harshest light. If you’re planning on taking people shots, try for before 10am or after 4pm when the sun isn’t quite so intense. Your colors will be better and your subjects less squinty.

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