Policies are subject to change. Please check back often. 


Payment is due at our scheduled shoot by cash, check or credit card. Checks should be made out to: Coastal Light LLC. There is a $30 fee for retuned checks. Please note that photographs are not released until payment is received. 

Photo session fee does not include travel expenses beyond the Seacoast area of New Hampshire or License-for-Use-fees. Please see Towns and Cities service area below. 


Please schedule as early as convenient. A week a head of time is preferable. This will give your sellers time to prepare for the photo shoot. Click here for a suggested checklist. Agent is responsible for scheduling day and time with the seller. 

Because of the nature of real estate, rescheduling is common whether it's because of weather, a seller who is not ready, or an unexpected event. Please try to give me as much notice as possible. This allows me to accommodate other requests. I do not charge a fee if we cancel a shoot but do appreciate advance notice. 

Unassisted Photo shoots

I am available to shoot homes that are vacant or when an agent or seller cannot meet with me if it has a lock box. Due to scheduling and liability, I cannot pick up and drop off keys. Please let me know of any special features that you feel should be photographed. I cannot be held responsible for features missed if not informed of them prior to the shoot. Agent assumes responsibility for lights and locked doors, although I do my best to make sure I've left a home as I found it. 

Turnaround Time

Because of the nature of post processing and the time and care I put into every image, the turnaround time is end of next day for photography, 2-3 days for visual tours, and 4-5 business days for floor plans. I do not do "rush" jobs.  

Licensing and Usage Rights

The images created, upon payment in full, are licensed for non-exclusive use by you and your office to market and sell the property in the photographs for the life of the listing. “Life of the listing” is defined as beginning the date a listing agreement is signed with the seller, and ending at the close of escrow or the termination of the listing agreement, whichever comes first. Images are non-transferable by the seller, agent or their company.

"Non-exclusive" usage means that any usage by a third party (architects, builders, stagers, etc.) is subject to my consent and additional fees. It also means that I retain the right to grant others the right to use images and they are not for the sole purpose of use by the contracting agent. 

Conditions of Photographic Services 

The copyright to all images created or supplied pursuant to this agreement remains the sole and exclusive property of the photographer. There is no assignment of copyright, agreement to do work for hire, or intention of joint copyright expressed or implied hereunder. The client is licensed for the usage specifications in accord with the conditions stated herein. Images may not be sold, licensed, given away, or manipulated per copyright law. Proper copyright notice, which reads: “© Carolyn Abell Hodges” must be displayed concurrent to each image outside of MLS. Omission of required copyright notice will result in loss of use to the licensor. Photographer is aware that copyright notice may not be displayed on MLS and affiliated websites. 

Photographer retains the right to all images for promotional or competitive use.

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