Pricing for Real Estate Photography

Because not all properties are alike, not all marketing plans are alike. I believe that each plan is as unique as you are as an agent, therefore, the marketing you choose to use for each property will vary. All my services are a’la carte so you can choose which services are appropriate for each individual property. 


Real Estate Session

I offer a multi-tier pricing system for real estate shoots to compliment any marketing plan. All tiers include exterior shots and 1-3 views per room. Professional images are provided for both print and web. 

Before shooting begins, I discuss with the agent and/or homeowner which rooms will be photographed. More rooms can be added during the session for an additional charge. 



Payment is due at our scheduled shoot by check or credit card. Checks should be made out to Coastal Light Photography. Please note that photographs are not released until payment is received. 

Please Contact Me for availability, questions or just to say "Hello". 


Real Estate Pricing

Tier 1: Condo or Cottage       up to 8 rooms or 18-25 images, 1-1.5 hrs onsite        $175

Tier 2: Mid-size properties        9-11 rooms or 30-36 images, 2 hrs onsite                   $200

Tier 3: Large Properties            12-14 rooms or 36-40 images, 2-2.5 hrs onsite           $250

Tier 4: Estates/2 liv. quarters    15+ rooms, 40+ images, 3+ hrs onsite                        $300


Please schedule for the maximum amount of time for the shoot.
Photo session fee does not include travel expenses beyond the Seacoast area of New Hampshire or License-for-Use-fees.
Please see towns and cities covered on the 
policy page



Revisits or Mini reshoots - ideal for season changes, renovations or new staging

Opt 1: Reshoot of exterior OR up to 3 new interiors               $65

Opt 2: Reshoot of exterior AND up to 3 new interiors            $85

Opt 3: Revisit to a property due to agent/seller request       $15
            ***In Addition To The Regular Shoot Fee***



Twilights - $125

Includes 1-2 Exterior Images. Shoot times will vary depending on sunset times. 

Twilight shoots take approximately 1 hour.

ALL LIGHTS should be turned ON and checked that they are in working order! 

I cannot clone lighting into a twilight because of the light diffraction.




Elevations - Included in regular photoshoots

Exterior Images taken with an elevated pole system up to 16'







Visual Tours, Websites, Custom URLs


Visual Tours: Branded and unbranded tours, traffic reports, customized to agent branding    $50*
                     *Additional $25 set-up fee for new accounts.

Custom Domain Name: Custom URL, i.e.                              $15

Website: Single page website with beautifully enlarged images                                                  $35
                 Branded with your contact information.




Floor Plans 

Includes 1-2 levels. Please contact me for additional levels and larger properties. 
Floor plans are for illustration purposes only and all measurements are approximate.

Opt 1: Up to 3,000 square feet, 1-2 floors*            $150

Opt 2: 3,001 to 5,000 square feet, 1-2 floors*        $200

Opt 3: 5,001+  square feet                                      Custom Quote

For additional floor and property with over 5,000 square feet, please contact me for pricing.

* Additional floors $50/floor