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As we all know, we can't be good at everything or we're not good at anything. My degree is in Fine Arts (BFA) with concentration in Photography and Design. My specialties are where my degree and talents are which includes photography (interiors/exteriors, head shots and products) and graphic design (floor plans and flyers)

Floor plans

My degree and my experience includes graphic design, so this was a natural fit. Sketches are sent to a professional service to draw up the plans. 

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Elevated Photography

There has been a need for elevated photography in quite few of the listings I've shot over the years. This past spring (2015), I set up a pole system that allows me to take photographs with a professional camera atop 16' pole. This system is ideal for properties with pools, gardens, hard to shoot front angles, and others. 

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Drones & Helicopters

Aerials are an art of their own. While I do have a 16' pole for elevated shots, drones allow for a more expansive view from above. Drone photography is great for showing the proximity to nearby water and for large properties with acreage.  Helicopters and planes can get a more expansive view. 

Aerials via Drone

Aerials via helicopter or plane


Home Staging

As much as I'd love to learn more about staging and work it into what I do, it would take away from what I do best, so I've left this up to those who do this full time. Below is a list of home stagers I know and trust to do a great job with your sellers.