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- Pat & Ron Gagnon, SellersCarolyn.... WOW great pictures, thanks so much, excellent work. It was nice to meet you. Best of luck - you've found your calling!!
Carolyn.... WOW great pictures, thanks so much, excellent work.  It was nice to meet you.  Best of luck - you've found your calling!!  - Pat & Ron Gagnon, Sellers





Carolyn.... WOW great pictures, thanks so much, excellent work.  It was nice to meet you.  Best of luck - you've found your calling!!  - Pat & Ron Gagnon, SellersCarolyn.... WOW great pictures, thanks so much, excellent work. It was nice to meet you. Best of luck - you've found your calling!! - Pat & Ron Gagnon, Sellers
Carolyn.... WOW great pictures, thanks so much, excellent work.  It was nice to meet you.  Best of luck - you've found your calling!!  - Pat & Ron Gagnon, Sellers

We were selling our home and a friend recommended Carolyn as a photographer.  As a practicing Realtor, I know the importance of photo’s while marketing a home.  I was so pleased with the professionalism Carolyn brought to the job.  She has experience in real estate and a true talent with photography.  She definitely captured the best features of each room.  We received the photos quickly and had them for web use and print.  I have sent them to friends and have received nothing but compliments.  Thank you Carolyn for making it easy, affordable and top notch! - C. Webster-Seller, Realtor
2 Cutts Ridge Ln Print 012 Cutts Ridge Ln Print 01
Carolyn's work is consistently of the highest quality and she is a joy to work.  She is listens to her clients and is willing to do whatever is necessary to deliver the best product possible.  I highly recommend her. - Maxine Newall, Realtor
The photos Carolyn shot were amazing. I was very impressed with her style and friendly manner. It made our photography experience relaxing and fun. I would recommend Carabell Photography to anyone. Thank you so much. We can’t wait to use your service again. –S. Plumlee
Dean and GeoffDean and Geoff I wanted to thank you for making the staff feel at ease today, it hasn’t been easy getting everyone on board when it comes to pictures, but you certainly made it fun & easy. I truly appreciate it.  - Tobey and Merrill Insurance
"Thank you, Carolyn! You made an typically uncomfortable situation for me - comfortable!" - B. Moeller
287 Jennie Lane PRINT 02287 Jennie Lane PRINT 02 I am a Real Estate Broker on the Seacoast of Southern Maine. I hire Carolyn for all of my listings. She always has an up beat attitude, is extremely professional, organized, and her work is extraordinary. She is a true artist that has a thorough understanding of what Realtors are looking for. She flows from room to room and pays attention to details; lighting, getting the most flattering angles of each room, producing a perfect portrayal of the subject home. I would highly recommend her to all Real Estate professionals. 5 stars for Carolyn at Coastal Light. - J. Syrene
You have done an outstanding job...far more then I would have expected. If anyone ever hesitates about your service...have them call me!  –S. Hobbs
“Carolyn has a unique and wonderful energy about her. She is fun to know and is a hard worker with strong ethic. She gives 110% with stellar quality and reliability with everything she does.” - S. Guzikowski
"I was so pleased by the quality of her work, and the photo now graces a special place in my living room.  I appreciated the fact that she also advised about framing to ensure long life of the photo. I love old pictures and now know that if I want to preserve an old photo I can call Carolyn.  I’ve seen her work.  Wow!" - M. Johnson

I recently hired Carolyn Abell Hodges to take photos of a property I was about to list.  As background, I have known Carolyn for several years as she was formerly my real estate assistant.  When Carolyn worked for me, I admired her high standards, reliability and her willingness to take initiative.  Quite frankly, she was the glue that held my team together.

I also knew about her photography talent and her past experience as a Real Estate Broker.  So when I needed someone to take professional photos of my listing, she came to mind immediately.  She came to our appointment fully prepared and she helped me "stage" some of the rooms as we went through the house on the photo shoot.

The results were impeccable.  She promptly delivered the finished product to me, meeting my listing date deadline with plenty of time to spare.  The sellers were also very pleased Carolyn's work.

Carolyn understands what the buyer wants to see when searching for properties online.  Her work product is outstanding and the quality is more than suitable for upscale advertising purposes.  Carolyn knows real estate and she understands how agents work, their schedules and deadlines.  Her fees are very reasonable.

I highly recommend Carolyn to any Realtor who needs professional photography.  -P. Kirby

I highly recommend Carolyn Hodges for her professional work during her resent two mid range homes I have just listed.  The outcome was incredible and shows me that I do not know how to take pictures properly.  What a difference a professional can make in marketing.  You will not be disappointed. -C. Youngs

When we initially put our lake home on the market, we took many photos showing all its features, including lush landscaping, open concept living, beautiful water views from every room.  Our Realtor uploaded them into MLS and we considered that aspect of marketing done.  While we thought our photos showed how one could easily picture themselves living in our home, the house stayed on the market for seven months with varying degrees of interest.

After talking with our Realtor, trying to find a way to put new life into our listing, she contacted Carolyn from Carabell Photography.  When Carolyn came to our home, she took photos from angles we hadn’t even thought about.  Her easygoing approach was completely non-invasive and she finished the session in very little time.  Within a day she had the photos enhanced with lighting, dimension and she even “removed” a case of water we had inadvertently left on the sun porch!

The reaction to her photos has been wonderful.  They came through online with a crispness that our camera could never achieve.  Her perceptions and viewpoints were a welcome addition to our marketing plan. -P. Roberge (Seller)

Thank you for the terrific images of my house. They were very professionally done...and with a lot of talent. I appreciate the effort that you put in.
I am pleased to tell anyone what a difference professional photography makes! We had a showing already by someone who just "loved" the pictures. Warm regards, Beverly (Seller)

Carolyn did a wonderful job working with my clients who are selling their home. Since 90% of homebuyers today search for homes online, we wanted photos that made a strong impression to buyers and caught their attention. Within the first week the house was on the market, I had two showings, and I believe Carolyn’s photos contributed to that. Carolyn was very professional in communicating with my clients if changes needed to be made in a room in order to make for a better picture.  She was knowledgeable about the best time of day to take photos of waterfront property.  We ended up having a lot of great photos to choose from for advertising the property.  She was very quick in getting the proofs back to us. I am definitely using her again for my future listings.   – Kim Caddle, Realtor

“Carolyn and I do share wedding vows and a child but I think I can paint a pretty clear picture without bias pouring off the page.

When Carolyn commits to do something you can be assured it will be done with every ounce of her energy, passion, intellect and considerable talent. And it will be done in a timely manner.

As the consummate perfectionist, she will not submit any type of work of effort unless she's CERTAIN it is the very best she is capable of. That's just who she is and how's she's wired and if your her client or considering working with her, know that what's important to you immediately goes to the top of the list of what's important to her.”- Craig Hodges

Thank you so much for coming out to Apple Harvest Day. Your photographs were amazing. You captured the spirit of the day perfectly! - Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce

I know Carolyn to be kind, honest and helpful. She has a very soft and sweet character, she is talented and has a gift for her work. - A. Dupont

From a client's view, I found Carolyn to be direct, knowledgeable in her field, and most of all, seemed to " get " what I needed. - Jo Ann Moore, Buyers Central 

Carolyn is a pleasure and a joy to work with.  Her level of professionalism is spectacular. She has photographed my jewelry and has captured the beauty and luster of each and ever piece. She was even able to capture my daughter on her horse at a show ( Not an easy task).
I can't thank Carolyn enough for the incredible job she has done. 
I highly recommend her and her services. " - Darlene Doughty Designs
LOVE the photos! Thank you. It was fun working with you. - Kaki Gould, CBRB
Carolyn Abell Hodges did a photo shoot with me for a profile/headshot picture that I am using in my real estate marketing.  She was patient and professional.  I was very comfortable in front of the camera under her guidance -- and, we had FUN!  She delivered the finished product to me almost immediately.  I recommend her highly, and will most definitely call upon Carolyn in the future.  -Anna Kraus, CBRB
I want to express my sincere thanks to you for the professionalism you displayed while photographing our home in preparation for putting our home on the market...you made mutliple visits to capture the best natural lighting to accent the beauty of our home and property and the results are truly stunning. You were a pleasure to work with and I wish you continued success in the future......thanks again!!!    -Lou Pollock, Seller

A must for all of my Realtor friends and sellers.


Have you looked at listings and completely disregarded because of photo's? I know I have. I have used Carolyn many times for Real Estate photography. Her work is fabulous. Since using Carolyn (I use for all of my listings, even the lower end),   my listings get much more attention, sell quicker, saving time and money. 


Seller's really appreciate quality and her work has won me many listings when in competition. Carolyn is always part of my listing presentations. - Valerie Ellmer, Realtor

spruce interiors webspruce interiors web I have known Carolyn Abell Hodges for almost 5 years and am proud to be her colleague. She has photographed several properties that I have staged, and her work is impeccable. She exemplifies an attention to detail that is unparalleled, and her skills in marketing and PR are not to be overlooked either. I would highly recommend her to photograph any variety of things - from professional head shots (she's done mine and my husbands, as well as numerous mutual colleagues), to real estate listings. She is the consummate professional. - Pam Tiberia, Home Stager
99 West High Street WEB 1799 West High Street WEB 17

These look beautiful!!  Amazing how things turn out when someone knows what she's doing - great job!! - Barbara Dunnington, Realtor

Darlene July 2015 07Darlene July 2015 07
I'm so excited about my new business pictures , THANK  YOU SO MUCH for being the most amazing personal photographer a girl could ever have. - Darlene Doughty, Small Business Owner
18 Agamenticus Ave WEB Elevated18 Agamenticus Ave WEB Elevated I just wanted to tell you we are showing the house in Cape Porpoise like crazy. Everyone has said to us, the pictures are amazing.  One guy said, an old listing came up and the photos were horrible, we would of never looked at this house. - M. Rogers, Realtor
Becky Vardell Oct 2015 07Becky Vardell Oct 2015 07 Thank you, Carolyn for the great head shots! You made the photo shoot fun and painless! - Becky Vardell, Realtor

You really did a fantastic job and this process couldn’t have been more convenient for me. I really appreciate it. 

Thanks again for your work on this and I’ll definitely refer anyone that needs a photo restored to you. Diana Roulston

243 Knights Pond Rd PRINT 04243 Knights Pond Rd PRINT 04 Carolyn from Coastal Light is my go-to photographer for a number of reasons. She is dependable, professional and affordable. Carolyn is extremely detail oriented, paying attention to small things that the average buyer may not notice, but agents would. I love that she pays attention and really takes her time. The fully edited photos are delivered in a timely manner in both printable and downloadable formats, and they are in order (this makes it SO MUCH EASIER for us agents to upload them to MLS in order- saves a ton of time.) Carolyn will always be my #1 preferred photographer. - N. Fecteau
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Carolyn began photographing our adoptable dogs and small animals in 2012, and it has made a tremendous difference for our shelter. Instead of blurry candid photos, we now have professional photographs showcasing the animals in the best manner possible. All the animals are given the time they need to feel comfortable during their photo shoot and Carolyn makes sure each animal’s unique personality is reflected in their photos. She even goes so far as to digitally remove the leashes on the dog pictures, making the dogs look more natural, as though they’re in their own backyard and not at a shelter. 

Since Carolyn started taking photos for us, our adoptable animal photos have garnered a lot more attention on Facebook. Although we still post candid moments with the animals, it is Carolyn’s professional photos that get shared over and over again by our supporters, sometimes even leading to adoptions within hours of the photo being posted. Her photos are so popular that we have been approached by six different newspapers in the past year alone about showcasing adoptable pets.

Carolyn’s photos have definitely made a positive impact on our adoptions. We are truly grateful for all she has done to help the animals at our shelter!
- Cocheco Valley Humane Society 

Carrie DiGeroge Headshot Jan 2016Carrie DiGeroge Headshot Jan 2016

I forewarned Carolyn that I absolutely detested having my picture taken. Something I'm sure she's never heard before. She did a fantastic job of loosening me up and as a result I have the best head shot that I've ever had. I've had more compliments on this photo, thank you Carolyn!! - Carrie DiGeorge